Thank you for considering employment with Tommy Nobis Center. Ours is a fast-paced organization that provides vocational training services and creates jobs for youth and adults with disabilities, and provides competitive business services to our community.

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Job Listings Job Title Category Location Keywords
General Clerk 3
 Phoenix / AZ
General Clerk 3 Temporary Position Phoenix / AZ General Clerk 3 HUD/FPM
Travis AFB
 Fairfield / CA
Travis AFB Clerk Fairfield / CA clerk,general clerk,disabilities,abiityone
Administrative Assistant - HUD
 Denver / CO
Administrative Assistant - HUD Administrative Assistant Denver / CO Administrative Assistant
Development Intern
 Marietta / GA
Business Development Intern
 Marietta / GA
Business Development Intern Business Development/New Accounts Marietta / GA business development,intern,business,marketing,sales,mentor,senior,experience,college,university
Programs Intern
 Marietta / GA
Programs Intern Program Assistant Marietta / GA intern,internship,summer,college,trainer,summer job,trainer,vocational,social work,nonprofit,crc,vocational rehab,gvra,bobby dodd,goodwill,,employment,disabilities,disable
Programs Coordinator - South
 South Fulton / GA
Programs Coordinator - South Coordinator South Fulton / GA coordinator,administrative assistant,secretary,admin,vocational rehab,nonprofit,general clerk,GVRA,vet,clerical,office worker,disabilities,help,Goodwill,disabled,SSA,assistant,coordinator,secretary
Instructor, Early Youth & Employment Services - Metro Atlanta Area
 Marietta / GA
Instructor, Early Youth & Employment Services - Metro Atlanta Area Trainer Marietta / GA Instructor,Teacher,Special Ed,Disabled,retire,Transition,professor,VR,vocational,nonprofit
Project Coordinator – Nobis Enterprises
 Marietta / GA
Project Coordinator – Nobis Enterprises Administrative Assistant Marietta / GA Admin,Project Coord,coordinator,contract,government contract,project,abiliytone,sourceamerica,disabled
Paraprofessional - The Academy
 Marietta / GA
Paraprofessional - The Academy Others Marietta / GA Paraprofessional,substitute teacher,teacher helper,educator,special ed,CNA,social work,
General Clerk 3
 Louisville / KY
General Clerk 3 Clerk Louisville / KY General Clerk 3 HUD/FPM
General Clerk II
 Albuquerque / NM
General Clerk II Clerk Albuquerque / NM Administrative,Admin Assistant,clerical,goodwill,disabled,secretary,General Clerk,executive assistant
Administrative Assistant - HUD
 New York / NY
Administrative Assistant - HUD Administrative Assistant New York / NY Administrative Assistant
General Clerk 2
 Oklahoma City / OK
General Clerk 2 Clerk Oklahoma City / OK clerk,general clerk,disabilities,abiityone
Administrative Assistant
 Philadelphia / PA
Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant Philadelphia / PA Administrative,Admin Assistant,clerical,goodwill,disabled,secretary,General Clerk,executive assistant
Job Listings Job Title Category Location Keywords